Thursday, 3 July 2014

Facets (Photo Essay)

Topic: Food

Singapore is a multi-racial country. There are all sorts of races in Singapore such as the Chinese, the Malays, the Indians and the Eurasians. Hence, Singapore has a variety of food for us to choose from. 

One of my favourite malay food is the nasi lemak that sells near my house. Even though it is a fasting month, they still sell nasi lemak. I like their chicken wing set meal as the chicken is mouth-watering. I will buy them to eat when it is open in the weekends. 

The Hainanese chicken rice is my favourite chinese food. I remember I bought chicken rice from the same stall at the near by market to eat their delicious chicken rice. I realized that some stalls have different ways to cook the rice so the rice will taste different when we eat it. 

Finally, the prawn noodles is one of the most delicious food I ate in the closed down food court, "Long House". Their soup for the prawn was very good and you can never get tired from drinking the soup as it is healthy. The prawn they used are large hence it is quite expensive. My family sometimes will buy the noodles and eat it at the Long House. It was delicious and I loved how the seller cook it.