Friday, 6 June 2014

Book Review

Book Review

The book I am going to review is a online novel by writerbug44. This author writes novels in an app call 'Wattpad'. Jolene recommended me the app and the book. 

The name of this book is 'Celebrity Status'. Holly Thorne is the narrator and the main female character. She has a normal life in Minnesota: normal friends, family and grades. She is a little hyper and bubbly, other than that, she is normal. The fact that her brother, Jackson Thorne, is the most famous teen actor in Hollywood; hence he left his family and moved to Hollywood. Holly hasn't seen her brother for two years, hence moving in with him for the summer; but she didnt know that Jackson lives beside his best friend, Ryder West aka Holly's obsession. She soon fell in love with Ryder's younger brother, Kale West. 

I love the book as there are a lot of twists, I also personally like romance and comedy books. My favourite part was in the last few chapters. Holly broke up with Kale due the misunderstandings for hanging out with Ryder. Holly wanted to prepare Kale his birthday present and needed help, hence asking Ryder to teach her how to play baseball, Kale's favourite sport. Holly also even called Kale's favourite baseball team to surprise him. 

Holly was heartbroken when Kale said she was nothing but a cheater; hence leaving Hollywood and broke up with Kale. The story ends here, but there are two sequels to this book. The first sequel is called, "Cross My Heart" and the last sequel is "Lover Dearest". 

I don't think I have to change the plot of the book as I think the author has great vocabulary and express Holly very well. Even though Jolene personally recommended the book to me, I recommended both sequels to her and other few girls. I think people who like comedy and romance stories will love this book. 

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