Friday, 10 January 2014


Hello, I'm Celia Chua from Chong Boon Secondary School. I'm from Anderson Primary School previously and my previous class was Primary 6.5! Now, I'm in class 1E1, also known as perseverance 1. 

I like dancing, especially hip hop and R&B. I took interest in dancing when I was 9 years old... My favorite color is baby pink and also baby purple. My lucky colors in 2014 were white and cream, rose and pink. I love CHOCOLATE and CANDY!! 

I love shows Running Man and We Got Married. Running Man is funny and exciting at the same time. ^^ I like K-pop and E-pop, I like EXO, they are my everyday favorites. My favorite songs are GROWL(EXO)and HUSH(MISS A). My primary school friends told me I'm a fun person(which I don't think so).



My BFF is Eliza, she is a Filipino and she is now in the Philippines. We have known each other for 5 years since primary 3 til now. We chat with each other once in a while and she told me her school life in her new school, while I told her about here. Life in primary school is fun and enjoyable. My favorite teacher for those 6 years was Mdm Suzanah, she was my P3 and P4 form teacher. She was also the HOD of ICT. I hope the years in secondary school would be more fun and exciting! :)

                             2011 PRIMARY 4.3!! <3

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