Friday, 17 January 2014

Story Of A Choker

Story Of A Choker

"Mother, what is that on your neck?" Little 10-year-old Stephanie asked as she stared at me.
"This, my child, is my mother's choker. It's an antique Victorian choker that has been passed down for generations. One day, you will have it when you grow older." My current owner, Maggie, said.

I am a choker, that has been passed down since Maggie's grandmother bought me from the black market. I am old enough to be called as an antique as I am already a century old. I am created in Britain 1887. I have a picture of a young maiden and black beads decorating my black body. Maggie's grandmother have admired my elegance and paid me for 50 pounds (around $104).

"What is this? A necklace?" Maggie's grandmother, Victoria, asked.
"Young maiden, this is no necklace, this is a choker. Would you want one of these?" The seller explained. Immediately, Victoria chose me as her choice. She opened her purse and gave the seller 50 pounds.

Well, that was in the past. I had great memories with Victoria, but her illness was pulling her to death. Victoria soon gave birth to a daughter, she passed me to her daughter when her daughter was 17. After that, she passed away peacefully. Her daughter, as well, took care of me very well, she brought me to school every single day, during proms and graduation. She wore me every time, everyday and also pass me to Maggie.

On Stephanie's 17th birthday, Maggie gave her me. I was proud and happy since all my owners have treated me well, I thought might as well Stephanie will take good care of me, but I was wrong. Ever since, Stephanie had never polished me, wear me, and have even threw me on the floor hard till the picture of the young maiden got a crack!

After a few weeks of suffering, Maggie came to Stephanie's room to clean up. Her room was a huge mess. Her clothes piling up in a corner, trash covering me, it was a horrible sight. Maggie, starts to clean up by throwing the trash into a big black plastic trash bag. She didn't seem to see me and also threw me in without noticing.

After a few hours, I was left out cold in the dark. I felt lost, how could Maggie threw me away along the trash without noticing?! I stayed outside out cold for a week. Then, an elderly man with a mustache came to search through trash bin. Soon, he was staring at me for a while as I stared back at him. Then, he reached out his hand and grabbed me and a few companions along with me. He stuffed us into his hand-carry bag and began to travel back. I was confused, where would he bring me to?

Soon after, the old man brought me back to his workshop. He seemed to be a jeweler, he placed me on the table,  and started to work on me. He polished, replaced the glass of the picture. "Daddy!!" a young girl running towards her working father. She had deep brown eyes, wavy brown hair and was wearing a black dress. "What is this choker? This is so pretty!! Can I have it?" the young girl asked. The father passed me to her. She had a very beautiful smile. Smiling widely, she immediately put me around her neck. Since then, I had great memories and the little girl took me as if I'm her most precious jewelry.


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