Sunday, 9 February 2014

Letter to Sibling

Draft 4

Dear Erin,

How's your studies? I hope you are fine in Australia. I would like to tell you about the recent riot. We know Singapore is usually a very peaceful place, but there's a huge riot that scares modern Singaporeans.

 There is a Little India Riot that happened in Little India, on a road near the famous restaurant The Banana Leaf Apollo. The newspaper wrote that a foreign van driver had drove over an Indian that was crossing the road, It said that the driver couldn't see him and ran over him without knowing. After that, people started to gather and fought with the driver. Within minutes, they argued and fought.They even flip the van over. It was a messy chaos. Just thinking about it made me shiver with fear like a person who is afraid of the dark. 

 The riot had caused the place to have a temporary ban of alcohol drinking. They also hit the policemen who were trying to stop them! Could you actually believe it? 

I hope there will not be anymore race riots happening in Singapore. See you in a month's time!


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