Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Letter to Sibling

Draft 3

Dear Erin,

How's your studies? I hope you are fine in Australia. I would like to tell you about the recent riot. We know Singapore is usually a very peaceful place, but there's a huge riot that scares modern Singaporeans. It's as chaotic as the Maria Hertogh race riot which happened in 1950.

 The Little India Riot had caused the place to have a temporary ban of alcohol drinking. The riot is about a driver from a foreign company had drove past an Indian. That's where it started the riot. Not only the passerby people started to hit each other, they also hit the policemen who were trying to stop them! They also turn the police car over the street! There was chaos everywhere in Little India. Could you actually believe it? I was like a prey running away from my predator, it was terrifying.

I hope there will not be anymore race riots happening in Singapore. I'm so excited like Tigger jumping around, to see you in a month's time! Bye bye! 


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