Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Struggles and how I overcame them

Draft 3

In primary six, PSLE is one of the most important exams in Singapore. I was in the classroom and studying hard. At home, I have to study as well because of the stress given by my parents. They wanted me to go to a good secondary school. I tried as hard as I could but I just couldn't get the formula into my brain. Every thrice a week, I need to go to tuition for my main three weak subjects: English, Mathematics and Science. I just find Mathematics and Science very hard to understand.

Mathematics is just remembering the formula and the method to do while Science is remembering concepts and understanding how to write the main points of the question. I just don't get that! Since primary five, Mathematics and Science are the subjects I have the least interest in. I tried so hard but I just could not get any of the formula or the understandings. Due to that, my stress for both subjects starts to pile up, I couldn't concentrate in lessons. One time, I failed my Mathematics exam in SA1, I burst into tears as I couldn't get the marks I wanted and was expected to. I felt so depressed at that part of time and my thoughts played both the devil and angel. Then, my Mathematics teacher, Miss Png, encouraged me by teaching me slowly step by step. I slowly got more confident of my answers as I get more correct answers.

Soon, PSLE was coming ahead. I was so nervous, I started to have goosebumps. I was a frightened kitten, dreaming of the worst. English, Mother Tongue and Science went smoothly for me. For the Mathematics exam, paper one went smoothly. I could complete all of them in time given. For paper two, I realized all question are all similar to the ones that were taught by Miss Png! I was able to finish all of them. Every single question done neatly and fast. I was so happy and I could actually go to cloud nine!

After the whole exam were over, we had a lot of fun including learning journeys to the Zoo, East Coast Park and etc. We were also allowed to use our phones in class during lessons! My class played "Stress", it's a game using UNO cards to play. You have to list out the numbers according to ascending or descending order. If both piles of cards have the same number, you have to say "Stress!" to win. The one who finishes his or her cards will win. I played and had so much fun. I won so many times when I play with my classmates! After all, this game requires speed to play.

On PSLE result day, I sat there anxiously, I was so nervous for my result. I'm like a monkey who couldn't sit properly. My expectations from my parents was getting 220, instead i gotten 16 marks lower. I was devastated, I couldn't even go my dream school, Anderson Secondary School, which the aggregate was 246. So when I choose my choices, I chose Chong Boon as one of my choices. And guess what, I gotten into Chong Boon! I think getting into Chong Boon is a good choice as it's near my house and I have a couple of ex-classmates from the same secondary school as me. Although I'm the only girl from my primary school to get into Chong Boon. I like the school so much! 

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