Saturday, 1 February 2014

Movie Review

-Title of the Movie:
The Legend of Hercules

-Describe the most exciting/memorable part of the movie. Why do you like it?
I like the part where Hercules fought with King Amphitryon as he was avenging for his mother, Queen Alcmene, who was stabbed by King Amphitryon with her own dagger. I like it as Hercules is avenging for his mother who loved him dearly and Hebe who was his lover. 

-If you could rewrite one of the part of the movie, which part would it be and why? How would you like to rewrite it?
I wouldn't rewrite any part of the movie as it was perfect. I think the storyboard and the script was satisfying. That's why I did not want to rewrite any part of the movie.

-List 3 new words that you have picked up from watching the movie.

Kellan Lutz as Hercules

Gaia Weiss as Hebe

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